Los Pollitos Dicen Spanish Nursery Rhyme

Los Pollitos Dicen Spanish Nursery Rhyme

It’s no surprise that here at Binibi, Los Pollitos Dicen is one of our favorite nursery rhymes in Spanish to sing along to with our children! The Los Pollitos Dicen Spanish nursery rhyme is truly a fan favorite for bilingual families everywhere as it sparks feelings of joy, nostalgia, love and excitement. It discusses how the hen cares for her baby chicks by providing them with food, warmth and protection while they sleep-- sound familiar? Not too different from us mamas which is probably why so many people resonate with the song!

Parents and their children alike both enjoy singing and dancing along to this classic, upbeat song that relays the tender theme of a mother’s care and love which all little ones can relate to. Whether it reminds mom of a song her own mother used to sing to her during her childhood or has become grandma’s favorite song to sing to her grandchild, this timeless nursery rhyme has the power to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Even those who hear it for the first time with our Los Pollitos Dicen bilingual baby book quickly begin to love it and reach for it constantly.

We decided to include it and make it the star of our musical book, Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes, to make it possible for bilingual families to enjoy their favorite tune and pass down this childhood song to their own children while also practicing Spanish with them in a fun and entertaining way. If you don’t already have it as part of your child’s book collection, be sure to grab a copy of our Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes musical book to make Spanish learning for kids fun and effective. It’s also available as part of our musical bundle where you get a total of three bilingual musical books, featuring Hispanic artists and popular children’s Spanish songs that are sure to get your little one excited about learning a second language!

Since our book only features part of this sweet, upbeat Spanish song, we went ahead and included the full version below along with the English translation to help you understand its meaning, easily introduce new Spanish words to your child, reinforce them in your daily activities and pair the song with hand motions that help clarify their meanings. Be sure to check out our Los Pollitos Dicen reading guide for more activities and reading ideas to pair with the song!

For example, try the following:

  • As you sing “cuando tienen frío” (“when they’re feeling chilly”), you can cross your arms across your chest and act out being cold like the chicks (pollitos). This will help your child associate the motion of feeling cold with the Spanish word, “frío”. 
  • When you sing “les da la comida” (“she gives them food”), bring your hand towards your mouth and act out the motion of eating with a utensil.

The song offers plenty of opportunities to act it out, sing at the top of your lungs and maybe even have your own cuddle session with your little one- all while practicing and learning Spanish!

Below, we’ve included the full lyrics in both English and Spanish for you to follow along!

Los pollitos dicen


Los pollitos dicen Pio Pio Pio

Cuando tienen hambre

Cuando tienen frío

La gallina busca el maíz y el trigo

Les da la comida y les presta abrigo

Bajo sus dos alas acurrucaditos

Duermen los pollitos hasta el otro día

Cuando se despiertan dicen mamacita

Tengo mucha hambre dame lombricitas


All the baby chicks go “Pilly! Pilly! Pilly!”

When they’re feeling hungry

When they’re feeling chilly 

The hen looks for wheat and corn

She gives them food and keeps them warm 

Under her two wings, they snuggle and lay

And the chicks sleep until the next day

When they wake up, they say mommy, I’m very hungry

Give me little worms to fill up my tummy