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Learning a language can be easy and fun from day one with Binibi’s interactive sound books.

Turn play time into learning time with content vetted by early education specialists, beautiful visuals and crystal-clear audio that is sure to enchant and delight!

Whether you speak Spanish and want to practice it with your child or are starting from square one, Binibi’s sound books will open a new world of fun and possibilities

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Sol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes Bilingual Children's BookSol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes
Visiting- Visitando La SelvaVisiting- Visitando La Selva
Visiting- Visitando La Granja bilingual sound book with five farm animal sounds that promote Spanish learning for kids This bilingual children's sound book, Visiting- Visitando La Granja, encourages Spanish learning for kids with animals sounds and interactive features!
Sing along Press & Listen

Press & Listen!

Sing along to beloved Spanish nursery rhymes or discover fun sounds on every page. Just press and listen!

Our books are made for little hands. They have rounded edges, easy to press buttons on every page, colorful illustrations, & high quality audio.

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The ultimate sound book bundle features six bilingual books for kids: Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes, Sol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? & Other Lullabies, Visiting- Visitando La Playa, Visiting- Visitando La Granja, and Visiting- Visitando La SelvaThis collection of Bilingual children's sound books including Los Pollitos Dicen, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás?, Sol Solecito, Visitando La Playa, Visitando La Granja, and Visitando La Selva, make the perfect gift for babies and toddlers!
Save 11%
Interactive musical books for toddlers and babies, Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? & Other Lullabies, and Sol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes. All books contain popular Spanish nursery rhymes for engaging and fun learning!Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes bilingual musical book with nursery rhymes in Spanish to encourage Spanish learning for kids
Save 11%
Bilingual children's sound books, Visiting- Visitando La Selva, Visiting- Visitando La Granja and Visiting- Visitando La Playa Visiting- Visitando La Granja bilingual sound book farm animal sounds
Save 10%
The Four Book Collector's BundleThe Four Book Collector's Bundle

Our Collection

Learn & Discover

Give your baby a fun head start in languages and life with this interactive music and reading experience.

Our language books for babies and toddlers take a Spanish-first approach. They are suited to bilingual and monolingual households alike, and are perfect for English-first readers too, offering English translations to allow parents to understand what they're reading or hearing.

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What the experts are saying

When it comes to milestones, walking gets most of the fanfare, but mastering language is no small task. Binibi streamlines these efforts with its interactive sound-and-reading experience!
Matilde Siman, Child Psychotherapist

I love the concept of these books! The fact that they are bilingual is great because kids' brains are very “absorbent” & the more exposure to hearing words at an early age the better.

- Gabriela Pelaez, ESOL and Early Reading Specialist

My daughter loves her book. It's so colorful and fun, and keeps her entertained and dancing! Her favorite song is "Los Pollitos Dicen" and she has started saying "pío pío!" when the song plays.

- Mom of 1 (18 months)

A look inside

A sneak peek into our nursery rhyme sound book "Los Pollitos Dicen"

Los Pollitos Dicen Video Banner

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