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The ultimate sound book bundle features six bilingual books for kids: Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes, Sol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? & Other Lullabies, Visiting- Visitando La Playa, Visiting- Visitando La Granja, and Visiting- Visitando La SelvaThis collection of Bilingual children's sound books including Los Pollitos Dicen, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás?, Sol Solecito, Visitando La Playa, Visitando La Granja, and Visitando La Selva, make the perfect gift for babies and toddlers!
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Interactive musical books for toddlers and babies, Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes, Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? & Other Lullabies, and Sol Solecito & Other Nursery Rhymes. All books contain popular Spanish nursery rhymes for engaging and fun learning!Los Pollitos Dicen & Other Nursery Rhymes bilingual musical book with nursery rhymes in Spanish to encourage Spanish learning for kids
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Bilingual children's sound books, Visiting- Visitando La Selva, Visiting- Visitando La Granja and Visiting- Visitando La Playa Visiting- Visitando La Granja bilingual sound book farm animal sounds
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The Four Book Collector's BundleThe Four Book Collector's Bundle

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