Our Founders

Ana Sofia Guzman (Mom of 1: Sofia, 22 months)

Ana Sofía Guzmán

Ana is originally from El Salvador, the place she calls home. She lives in the U.S. but wants her daughters to speak Spanish and believes firmly that having the right tools at home to develop language is key. Ana's background is in tech but starting her own company is always something she's wanted to do! Ana holds a Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia.

Luciana Yarhi Our Founder

Luciana Yarhi

Luciana was born in Costa Rica and currently lives in El Salvador. Before settling down in El Salvador, she spent six years in the US and loved it. Luciana is incredibly grateful to her parents for teaching her English and Spanish at an early age and wants to do the same for her son, Alejandro, and daughter, Valeria.  Luciana holds a Bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from NYU.