Our sound books are intentionally designed and carefully crafted to delight your child and ignite their love of languages through play, stories and music.

Binibi's enchanting stories and nursery rhymes are illustrated with bright, beautiful visuals. The content is vetted by early education specialists and crafted with rhyme and repetition to encourage language development. Additional educational material is included throughout, including counting elements, sounds and more.

Our books are designed to be used by babies and are made with quality materials to withstand drops and dings. Thick pages, rounded corners and small buttons mean that babies can engage in independent play and can proudly master their books, from the mechanics of turning pages, to speaking along with the stories.

Binibi books are the only truly bilingual sound books on the market. Illustrated and voiced by local Latin American talent, our Spanish-first books also include English translations to allow English-first parents to understand what they're reading or hearing.

A peek inside our language books

Kids Developing Our First Collection of Books

Key Features

  • On / Off buttons extend battery life
  • Small buttons for small fingers
  • Made with premium, sturdy materials to withstand bumps & drops
  • Lightweight so even the smallest hands can hold

Our Content

  • Spanish-first content
  • Truly bilingual, with English translations to allow parents to understand what they're reading or hearing
  • High quality audio
  • Beautiful, bright colors that capture and maintain engagement
  • All artists and voice talent sourced from Latin American artists
  • All songs contain rhyme and repetition to encourage language development
  • Educational material throughout
  • Vetted by early education specialists to ensure age-appropriate content

    The Collection

    Collection of Expand your child's world with a second language

    La Granja 

    A fun trip to the farm featuring 5 fun animal sounds

    La Playa 

    A fun trip to the beach featuring 5 fun beach sounds

    Los Pollitos Dicen

    A playful collection of popular Latin American nursery rhymes in Spanish. Lyrics in EN-ES.

    Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás?

    A soothing collection of popular Latin American lullabies in Spanish. Lyrics in EN-ES.