Binibi was created to provide parents with a fun and easy way to speak Spanish to their children at home.  Our books are designed to introduce your child to Spanish from their earliest ages when their brain is most ripe for language development.

Our collection consists of six musical and sound books, all of which are packed with educational elements that encourage rich dialogue, interaction, and play. As your child explores the world in English and Spanish, they’ll find a world of opportunities for learning including counting elements, time transitions, relative positioning, sounds and so much more.

Binibi will no doubt delight your little reader as they engage with the sounds on each page. Made to last, the books feature thick pages, rounded corners, and easy-to-find buttons which mean that your child can play independently as they explore their books.

Lastly, our books facilitate language learning alongside your child. Bolded keywords, English translations, and a pronunciation guide at the end of each book will enable you to understand what your child is reading and hearing.

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The Collection

Our collection is entirely bilingual and consists of three musical books that feature popular nursery rhymes in Spanish and three sound books that feature animal sounds on every page. Our musical books, which feature audio voiced by Hispanic artists, foster language learning through rhyme and repetition while our sound book collection teaches children word-sound associations early on.

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