Bilingual children enjoying their bilingual books for kids as they play sound books togethr during their bilingual playdate.

The Advantages of Being Bilingual - Part 2

In our last post, we listed some of the incredible benefits of being bilingual. Today, we're going to break down those benefits into greater detail.

Bilingual Kids Do Better in School 

This is one benefit that pushes many parents to introduce a second language to their children. Research shows that learning a foreign language at an early age can improve a child’s cognitive abilities. This can actually result in higher test scores in areas like reading and math. They also tend to score higher on standardized college admission exams—a perk that can benefit any child far into their future. To start sharpening your little one's literacy skills from a young age, read with them as often as possible! Bilingual books for kids are an incredible way to not only start developing literacy skills but to practice their second language at home often.

Bilingual Kids Develop a Better “Ear” for Language

When you expose a child to a second language early on, it can help them develop a better “ear” for language later on in life. According to studies on the topic, when kids learn multiple languages at once, they naturally learn to distinguish the meaning between very similar sounds. This will help children achieve better pronunciation as they grow older and find it will be easier to achieve fluency as well. Children's sound books, which include interactive musical books for toddlers and babies, are a great way to hear the pronunciation of new words being learned in the target language as they listen to the Spanish nursery rhymes and Spanish lullaby lyrics.

Bilingual Kids Tend to Be More Empathetic 

Teaching empathy can be a challenge for any parent, but teaching multiple languages can actually increase empathy in little ones. According to one study from the University of Chicago, children who speak multiple languages are actually better at understanding different perspectives and easily put themselves in other people’s shoes. 

Bilingual Kids Get Better Jobs 

One of the biggest responsibilities that parents have is to help prepare their children for their futures and to enter the “real world.” The ability to communicate in different languages is becoming an essential skill for those entering the workforce. By encouraging their children to learn multiple languages, parents may actually be helping their child stand out in an employee pool later on in life. 

Bilingual Kids Understand Other Cultures 

In our diverse world today, it has never been more important for better cross-cultural communication. Bilingual children have the opportunity to understand and appreciate others with culture differences. It can help any child open up to new opportunities, new ways of thinking and embrace others who may be different from them. A mindset like this can only help create a better world for all of our futures. For parents who are hoping to teach their children a second language in order to keep them connected to their roots, this is also a great opportunity to teach their children about their family’s own heritage and traditions. Listening to musical books that feature culturally traditional songs, like Binibi's Los Pollitos Dicen book, which features popular nursery rhymes, is a great wait to practice the target language while also introducing a piece of your culture.

Here at Binibi, we know first-hand how many amazing benefits come with being bilingual. This is why we have created a series of bilingual books for kids, designed to help kids embrace their multilingual upbringing—and have fun while they do it! 

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